Our Journey So Far

November 2020

Preliminary Design Briefings

After assembling a team of 12, the newly born Warwick Boring Team set out to brainstorm and develop the preliminary design of our prototype. After 6 months of work we submitted our initial design presentation outlining our design and plan of action which progressed us to the next stage - The Final Design Package!

January 2021

Final Design Briefings

In our search of bright and innovative individuals we grew the team to 31 dedicated members ready to put in the work to take us all the way through to the end of the competition. After several months of hard work, numerous virtual calls and University exams just around the corner, we submitted our Final Design Package which detailed every last sensor, fitting and assembly required to build our newly christened - Silk-Worm 1.

February 2021

Final Design was Accepted

A moment of true triumph, we were told that we were the best of the rest, top 3%, the final 12 out of 400 teams; who have been given the opportunity to build, test and run the Silk-Worm 1 in California, USA this summer.

Summer 2021

Competition Finals in California

We are now in the progress of finalising the design, sourcing parts and building the Silk-Worm 1 which will be constructing tunnels in California very soon. Beating the snail is just the start, we plan to beat the competition!