Now is an exciting time to be Boring!

Our Mission

Our aim is to win the most prestigious tunnelling competition in the world, this summer! Hosted by SpaceX and The Boring Company: "Not-a-Boring Competition"

Current Progress:

Top 3% worldwide

In The Finals: 12 teams out of 400 applicants

Developed A Bespoke Tunnelling Solution

About Us

We're ambitious engineers developing a solution to revolutionise the tunnelling industry; to ensure we can build smart and efficient infrastructure for various product lines including Hyperloop and Loop for electric vehicles/pods.

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The Competition

The competition, hosted by The Boring Company, challenges teams from around the world to drill a 30m long and 500mm wide tunnel as quickly and accurately as possible. The final event is scheduled for the summer 2021 where we will demonstrate our technology worldwide in the USA.

Our Technology

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Our innovative engineering design will enable us to dig tunnels "faster than a snail". The goal was set by Elon Musk back in May 2018.

Cost effective

The system is modelled for cost efficiency by using less components (compared to traditional boring machines) that are also easy-to-assemble.


The product is developed via the "Design for Manufacturing" approach which ensures successful scalability in future commercial projects worldwide.

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